GDT 2020

Learn. Explore. Experience.

I love goals. More specifically, I love the process of goal setting. This past year (or years if I’m totally honest) I’ve done a lot of reflection on my goals. What goals were successful in motivating and exciting me? Which goals were a total flop, forgotten nearly as soon as I set them? How can…

Cause and Effect – Reflections on 2022

It’s been a year full of some of the most intense highs, and lowest lows. As we come into the final days of 2023 I can’t help but reflect on all the experiences of this past year, and think about what I hope to glean from the future. This past year I did a lot…

The Dog Pack

Moxie Dobby Dali I’m feeling a bit aimless at the moment, but Dali is my one constant. Every day I make sure that she’s happy, exercised, fed and learning. Teaching and caring for her gives me direction and purpose. But what are we working towards? An internet aquaintance is working his way through the entire…

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