GDT 2020

Day 2 – Blueberry to Pauline Creek

Check out the video HERE After a breakfast of oatmeal and hot coffee I slowly packed up my camp and got moving down the trail. It wasn’t raining while I packed up but that didn’t last long. The day quickly got very wet with a mid-thigh creek crossing and pouring rain. In addition to my […]

Blueberries and Cold Feet

Last year our GDT journey ended early at the Mount Robson terminus. The weather was freezing cold, the trail was overgrown and I was miserable. But, I haven’t forgotten the dream of hiking to Kakwa, and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to return to the trail ever since we left. My original plan was […]

Hello Again!

I’m a bit in shock to discover that I haven’t updated the blog since my last GDT post, let me catch you up! I have some follow up on TIMF and also a (short) race report. January 2021 – I had a root canal on the two teeth which were associated with TIMF. The goal […]

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