2015 Summit Project

25 new ones!  Let’s see how long we can keep this streak going!

This is not a list of all the mountains I summited in 2015, rather it is a continuation of a project I began in 2014.  Climb 25 different peaks each year, which I did not climb in the previous years of the project.  The goal is to keep the streak going as long as possible.
1.  Grotto Mountain


2. Midnight Peak

3. Ha Ling


4. Mary Barclay’s

5. Wasootch Peak


6. Opal

7.  Midday Peak

8. Sunrise Peak

9. Belmore Browne

10. Sunset Peak

11. Tiara Peak

12. Mt Indefatigable (south peak)

13. Mount Yamnuska


14. Mount Glasgow

15. Mount Cornwall

16. Outlaw Peak

17. Mount Lipsett


18. Mist Mountain


19. Mt Fairview

20. Saskatoon Mountain


21. Mt Borgeau








22. 23. Mt Cegnf and Mt Murray

24. The Wedge

The Wedge

25. Wind Ridge

Wind Ridge.jpg


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