The Route

Part 1:

The adventure begins with a difficult scramble up Mount Engadine, on the South end of the Spray Lakes. From there we will head north and scramble up Mount Buller before returning to the valley and re-stocking supplies with our crew.  14km with over 2000m of climbing, most of the scrambling on this section is off-trail and considered “difficult.”

Part 2:

Next up is an enjoyable 8km shakeout run north on the High Rockies Trail towards Red Ridge.  Red Ridge should feel very moderate compared with the scrambling on Engadine and Buller.  From Red Ridge we will drop down to the Sparrowhawk Tarns and then slog our way up to the highest point on our route, Mount Bogart.

After ascending Bogart we will drop back down to the tarns and then head straight back up to summit Sparrowhawk.  By this time it should be getting quite late in the day with roughly 5000m of ascent and 40km of distance.  After a sunset summit on Sparrowhawk we will head back down to our support crew, where we will eat all of the food and grab a few hours of sleep.

Part 3:

Peak number 6 is Mount Lougheed.  The first few kilometres up to the meadow will be in the dark, with sunrise arriving as we scramble up to the main peak.  Hopefully our legs haven’t stiffened up too much overnight. From Lougheed we will will have a 3km run on the High Rockies Trail as we head towards Windtower. We will also have a chance to check-in with our crew and re-supply if needed.  57km and 6200m of climbing.

Part 4:

We will take the direct, less-used trail straight up Windtower.  This is more of a hike than a scramble.  Then head back down to Wind Pass and up Rimwall.  Hopefully we have some legs left to enjoy the scree run back down Rimwall.

From Rimwall we have another chance to meet up with our crew and another 4km run on the High Rockies Trail before heading up The Orphan.  This is a rarely traveled, but straightforward route which goes up a drainage and then up some steep slabs to a smaller summit tucked in behind Big Sister.  80km, 8800m of climbing

Part 5:

Our final peak is Big Sister. This route is well-established, straight-forward and very steep.  According to Strava it is the steepest trail on the SV10 route.  It will be interesting to see how our legs hold up on this last big climb. 90km, 10000m of climbing.