Peaks 7 & 8 – Bogart and Red Ridge

I’ve decided to clump Bogart (the highest peak in the SV10) and Red Ridge together because they really are part of the same route.  To ascend Red Ridge we follow a narrow single track trail which parallels a creek.  This trail ends at a large boulder field, which we scramble straight up to gain the ridge.  The ridge route is straightforward and has great views of the Spray Valley.  From Red Ridge we descend to the col and run down a scree slope to the Sparrowhawk Tarns.  The view of the Tarns from the Ridge is incredible!

From the Tarns we begin our ascent up Bogart by climbing through a series of rock ledges on loose scree.  The climb is not technical, but the rocks are very loose and you have to be careful not to be crushed beneath them.  Once we gain the ridge on Bogart the route is fairly simple; stay on top of the ridge as much as possible and skirt to the right side when needed.  Continue to watch for crazy loose death boulders.  Bogart more than makes up for the loose rock with amazing views!  It is my favourite peak of the SV10, although I may have a different opinion when we climb it on Friday 🙂

1800m of vertical in 8.5km.  This will be the crux of our first day.


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