It’s Time


It’s time.

The weather looks okay, we both can get the day off work, and we’ve scouted out the entire route.

This Friday at 4am, we run the Spray Valley 10.

A look inside Arielle’s head: 

There is so much going on in my head that it is hard to simply sum it up. 
Everything about this adventure scares me and excites me. Its hard to believe that we are only days away!
There is a lot of unknown, so I feel that being both mentally and physically ready to take on the suffer and dig deep will be important. But, what I feel will be even more important is focusing on the the logistics and the process. When Joanna and I take on our adventures and focus purely on the process, 9/10 times they turn out better than we ever expected.
SV10 is just a really long adventure, so if we stick to the process we will get to enjoy every mountain high and valley low!

A look inside Joanna’s head: 

This adventure scares me.  With back-to-back 18hr days planned, the timeline is really tight.  We will have to be diligent with taking care of our bodies (no blisters, no puking, no bonking), and with respecting the terrain (no getting lost,  no falling off the mountain, no getting crushed under a boulder). There is very little room for error.
I like being scared.  I like adventures.  I like the uncertainty of not knowing whether something is possible, but trying to do it anyway.  I used to be ruled by the fear of failure, but now I’m motivated to explore the possibilities.


There is only occasional cell phone reception along the SV10 route, but we will try to keep you updated as often as possible.  Follow along on Facebook and Instagram using #SV10.

Big thanks to Ian and Susan at Rockgear Distribution for making this adventure possible. We will be using Icebug shoes (Oribi and Anima), Swiftwick socks, and UltrAspire packs (Zygos and Velocity).

Lastly, we would like to make this adventure about something that is bigger than ourselves.  For myself, this is partially a selfish motivation because it will help keep me going when I’m tired and I want to quit.  But also, we want to do this because we have been blessed with the incredible good fortune to have fit, healthy bodies and an amazing mountain playground in our backyard.  We are grateful to have this opportunity to explore our limits and would like to use this opportunity to give back to those who are not so lucky.  Please show your support by donating to MitoCanada, running for those who can’t.

Learn more about MitoCanada by watching this heart-warming video.  You can learn more about MitoCanada by visiting their website here.


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