Peak #5 – Lougheed

I’ll be honest, I’m still not entirely sure which route we will be taking up Lougheed.  Last year when I did this route I went up the far, rubble filled bowl first, climbed up to Lougheed 3, then ran over to the main peak and down via the usual trail.  The down route was “interesting” with lots of loose rock and navigation challenges should I fail to notice a cairn.  I’m not sure I would want to come up that way, I feel like the loose footing would be very frustrating and the rockfall hazard would be more than a little terrifying.  That being said, going up the back bowl was not great either.  The bowl is filled with frustrating, ankle busting talus and has more distance and elevation.  We are hoping to be able to check out Lougheed this weekend before our SV10 attempt, but if that doesn’t happen it will likely be a game day decision.

The approach trail for Lougheed is lovely. It’s not too steep and you enter a magical, marmot-filled meadow before scrambling up the steep slope to the summit.  We plan to get to the meadow around sunrise on our second day, and I’m fairly certain that seeing those first few sun rays reflect off the morning dew on the wild flowers will be a highlight of  our adventure.  13km, 1400m of gain if we take the route directly to the main summit.


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