Peak #3 – Rimwall


Sharing Oreos with my new friends on top of Rimwall last June

Rimwall is a “cheater” peak.  We are cheating because we are not climbing Rimwall directly from the valley bottom, rather we will access it from Wind Pass after climbing Windtower.

From Wind Pass we will lose some elevation to navigate around a cliff band before scrambling up some rubble and gaining the summit ridge.  The route is quite simple once you gain the ridge, but I made the scramble a little more interesting than necessary last year when I decided to tackle the initial cliff band head-on, instead of going around it. Hopefully we can do a better job of navigating this time around.


Summit view, looking out towards Grotto Mountain

The views on Rimwall are fantastic, and the scree run back down to the Wind Pass Trail is super fun.  Once you reach the bottom of the scree run, navigation is a little tricky to find your way back onto the trail.  Last year I just bushwhacked most of the way down, but I’m not sure how much of a bushwhacking mood we’re going to be in after 8 000m of climbing and 80km in our legs.

I have never summitted Rimwall on it’s own, but here’s the Strava track for when I climbed it last year as part of an epic peak-bagging day.

From Wind Pass, Rimwall has approximately 600m of gain, 950m of descent, and about 6km of distance.


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