The Timing is Never Perfect

We did our first ever vlog, and it’s on a mountain top!  Watch it on YouTube to find out what we are up to this weekend, or read the story below.

This Saturday, Arielle and I will be attempting to set a new FKT for the Glasgow to Banded Peak Traverse, aka the Elbow Four.  The fastest time we could find for this trip was about 8hrs.  We hope to complete the loop in 7hrs.  This FKT attempt will be a good way for us to test out some of the gear we will be using for the Spray Valley 10, and enable us to see how we work as a team when we are under time pressure. 

The Route: 

We will be taking an unconventional route.  Instead of the normal route up the drainage, we will be scrambling along the entire length of Glasgow Ridge.  This route cuts off a few kilometres from the standard route, and it is far more interesting.  Arielle and I scouted out this alternate ascent in the fall and we loved it!  I really don’t understand why anyone trudges up that drainage. 


A look inside Arielle’s head:

How do I feel about this? My mind feels great, but my body…well it is still recovering. Shifting gears from racing 50K nationals last weekend, to now trying to regain my mountain legs isn’t going to be easy.  But it is no excuse. Both Joanna and I are not feeling 100%. My legs may be fast on flats but are no where near mountain ready. Joanna on the other hand has been dealing with a sprained ankle, leaving her sideline for the last few weeks. This makes running flats very difficult for her.

So what is our plan ?  Well there is no plan B, which means it comes down to  trusting the process. Joanna and I are going to continue along our plan of kicking of our spray 10 with this FKT attempt. Knowing that our biggest barrier will be physical, but will use our mental strength to get it done! I will use her strength to pull me up the mountains, and she will use my speed to carry her through the long flats.

~Never give yourself permission to have a plan B ~


A look inside Joanna’s head:

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t second guessing the timing of this trip.  Arielle and I are not at our best, and there is still enough snow on the route that we may have troubles with the descent off Banded.  But … I LOVE adventures.  I have grown to enjoy uncertainty, and I relish the chance to solve problems when things don’t go as expected.  When everything goes according to plan it makes for very boring stories.

I am excited to go out there and see how fast we can move.  I’m pumped up to inspire other people to get out there, push themselves, smash our time, or to set their own personal best.  Whether we succeed or fail, we can use this attempt as a learning experience and a stepping stone to bigger goals.

Search #sv10 on Instagram and Facebook to follow our story.  Here are a few photos from yesterday’s mountain adventure on Opal Ridge.



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