The Spray Valley 10


I’ve got a problem.  I love moving quickly through the mountains.  The more time I spend in the mountains, the more I want to explore, the more I want to see what my body is capable of, the more I want to test my limits.  The more I test my limits, the crazier the adventures get.

I’ve got a friend named Arielle.  She is crazy.  She is an enabler of the best kind.  She pushes me to take my thoughts and dreams, and put them into action.  We do a lot of mountain adventuring together and last summer she mentioned that we should do some FKTs (Fastest Known Times)  on some of the local routes.  Arielle is a fast runner, whereas I am a fast scrambler, so we tried to think of some routes which would highlight both of our strengths.   Both of us know how to suffer, and both of us seem to excel at longer endurance events (as compared to short sprints).

We came up with some ideas for routes:

  • The Glasgow to Banded Peak Traverse
    • 35km, 2200m of climb
  • Cinderella’s Bitchslap (Midnight Peak to Porcupine Ridge via Tiara Peak)
    • 25km, 2300m of climb
  • The Canmore Quad
    • 53km, 4900m of climb
  • And my own invention, the Spray Valley 10 (SV10)
    • 95km, 10 000m of climb, 10 peaks in the Spray Valley.
    • Engadine, Buller, Red Ridge, Bogart, Sparrowhawk, Lougheed, Windtower, Rimwall, The Orphan and Big Sister
    • The goal is to complete the route as quickly (and safely) as possible.  Hopefully in 36hrs or less.

We plan to use the shorter FKTs as training for the penultimate event, the SV10.  The ridiculously high spring snow pack has delayed our training a bit, but with a couple more weeks of nice weather we should be free to run our legs off on all of the front range peaks.  Arielle and I will be posting on my blog and on Instagram (#sv10) throughout our training and FKT attempts.  We have also had some generous sponsors step up to help us out with gear:

Lastly, we would like to make this adventure about something that is bigger than ourselves.  For myself, this is partially a selfish motivation because it will help keep me going when I’m tired and I want to quit.  But also, we want to do this because we have been blessed with the incredible good fortune to have fit, healthy bodies and an amazing mountain playground in our backyard.  We are grateful to have this opportunity to explore our limits and would like to use this opportunity to give back to those who are not so lucky.  Please show your support by donating to MitoCanada, running for those who can’t.

Learn more about MitoCanada by watching this heart-warming video.  You can learn more about MitoCanada by visiting their website here.

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