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Because You’ve Been Asking…

Diez Vista 100km is a week away and my phone has been buzzing a lot over the past few days:

“Are you ready for your race?”

“How are you feeling?”

My answers have been short (I’m not good at conversations via text message) so I thought I should elaborate on the subject.

Training has been up and down as I’ve struggled to balance intensity, volume, shitty weather and a grouchy tummy.  The grouchy tummy was a side-effect from some anti-biotics I was on back in December, thankfully the tummy seems to have recovered.  The crappy weather has improved somewhat and I have been able to get some decent mountain runs in over the last month.  I’ve also gotten in several back-to-back workouts.

So, even though training hasn’t been perfect, I am going into this race feeling like I might be peaking at the right time.

If nothing else, I have better leg speed than I normally do … I’m not so sure about my endurance.

By the numbers:

  • Longest “run” – 42km xc ski
  • Longest actual run -37km
  • 2017 distance (YTD) – 1095
  • 2017 elevation gain (YTD) – 34 000m
  • Strava Crowns earned – 11
  • Sulphur Mountain Repeats – 5
  • Prairie Mountain Repeats – 4
  • Mountain summits – 14
  • New summits – 2

Hmmm,  I feel like those numbers should be bigger…

Maybe I should have just stuck to my short, one sentence answer:

I’m as ready as I’ll get and I’m feeling good 🙂


Here is a compilation of photos from my 2017 adventures (so far)


Happy Trails!