Monthly Archives: January 2017

Setting Some Real Goals

I set myself some very wishy-washy goals at the start of the year, and they are not working for me.  I feel directionless and goals provide me with focus.  They allow me to set out a plan, so that I can execute that plan and feel confident in my abilities.  So with that in mind, I’m doing a second blog post on goals, and this time I’m doing it properly.

  1. Get a Straddle Press to Handstand.  If you don’t know what that is, check out this link.  I’m not sure this goal is achievable within a year, especially considering how tight my hamstrings are, but I am going to give it a good effort.  In order to achieve this goal I am going to have to do mobility work EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Ugh. But the end result will be so awesome!
  2. Run 5200km.  (Sorry, there’s no elevation goal this year).  I am really excited to spend some time exploring, linking up high mountain passes and finding secluded lakes. These trips will involve more distance than elevation gain.  Reaching this goal will require consistent training, and I know I feel my best when I run as frequently as possible.
  3. Sub 12hrs at Diez Vista 100km in April.  I ran 5:50 at the 50km two years ago, on a course which people said was 20-30 minutes slower than normal due to an additional few kilometres and some bonus climbing.  I’m not exactly sure how the 100km will compare to that course, but I am fitter now so I feel sub-12hrs is doable.
  4. Sub 22hrs at Bighorn 100 Mile in June.  I know this is a ridiculous goal, but I also know the course and I truly believe that if I train consistently 22hrs will be within my capabilities.
  5. Complete the Spray Valley 10.  100km, with 10 000m of climbing.  This is a goal which excites and terrifies me.  I don’t have a date or a time goal for this one as there are far too many factors to consider.  Stay tuned for updates once the snow starts to melt.  This project is so huge it will be getting it’s very own tab on my blog 🙂
  6. Continue the Summit Project.  My first new summit of 2017 was last week, which also happened to be my first summit with snowshoes.  I love this project and I love watching this list grow!