The Obligatory Year in Review/Goal Setting Post

I love goal setting, and I love developing plans to reach those goals.  More recently I’ve discovered the joy of actually following through on those plans.

Follow through … what a concept!

My goal for 2016 was to challenge myself.  In keeping with that goal I set (and achieved) some benchmarks:

  1. Complete the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet, a 72km xc ski race (net downhill).  As a novice skier this was a very ambitious goal, but with the help of my friends I finished and had a blast doing it.
  2. Compete and place top 3 in the Skyrunning Canada Series (ultra distance).  I succeeded in this goal, winning the series, but Skyrunning Canada has not posted results so I kinda feel like they’ve taken some of the joy out of it for me.  C’est la vie, I enjoyed each of the races I entered so it’s not like I lost anything out of the deal.
  3. Climb 200 000m.  It took me all year, but I finally accomplished this goal on December 30th. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t do the math prior to setting this goal or I would have adjusted it 🙂
  4. Climb another 25 unique peaks.  This one was easy, but I hope to keep the streak going for a long time!

I could not have accomplished any of these goals without the support of the incredible network of trail running friends I’ve had the privilege of meeting over the past several years.  I feel totally spoiled, undeserving, and grateful for my trail family. I also owe a huge shout out to my mom, who met my friends and I on our final run at the top of a mountain.  She had a huge fire going, along with hot dogs and hot chocolate!  Extra thanks to my husband Matt, who has been unequivocally supportive of all my crazy goals and adventures, supporting me when my limbs are too battered and blistered to walk.  Lastly, thanks to Rockgear Distribution who has supported me with Icebug shoes, Ultraspire packs and Swiftwick socks all year. Anyone who has ever run with me knows how much I love these products!


So what’s up for 2017?

My rather vague goals are to have fun and to push myself to my potential.

My uphill endurance is very good, so in the spirit of pushing myself to my potential I am going to train to run a little faster.  This means a flatter, faster run at least once a week.  Maybe I will even start to enjoy high intensity workouts 🙂

I have a few races planned; Diez Vista 100km, Bighorn 100M and Meet the Minotaur . I anticipate that DV and Bighorn will have very competitive fields, so I am excited to see how I stack up.  Meet the Minotaur is an event shrouded in mystery, so I will just have to wait and see how that unfolds. I think it will score top marks for the fun factor!

I also have a huge project planned with my friend Arielle, but you will need to stay tuned for details on that.

Of course, I will continue to add another 25 peaks to my Summit Project.  I plan on adding some 11 000ers to the list and maybe even some 14 000ers with a road trip to Colorado scheduled for late June-early July.

I hope your 2016 was awesome, and that 2017 is even better!

Happy Trails!


Top left to bottom right: Two Towers with Arielle and Vlad, Wasootch Ridge with Elizabeth, Mt Bryant summit handstand, Ha Ling, Mary Barclay with Arielle, Nihahi Ridge, Grizzly Peak with Matt, Sinister 7, Iron Legs.



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