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Is it Summer Yet?

My cross country skis are feeling very neglected in my garage, but the weather has been so warm that the closest ski trails with any snow are 1.5hrs away.  Trails that are normally snowy are covered in a thick layer of ice and mud.  There have been occasions during this prolonged melt that skates would have been a more appropriate choice of footwear than skis or trail shoes.  I am super thankful to Icebug for hooking me up with some awesome studded shoes to help me navigate these tricky conditions. If it wasn’t for those shoes I would be grounded to the city; and as much as I love living in Calgary the trails are where my heart’s at.

My longest run so far has been 46km, and I’m already over 25 000m of climbing for the year.  Nearly all of this running has been on mountain trails.  To put 25 000m in perspective, I’ve already climbed the equivalent of Everest, K2 and Aconcagua.  I should finish climbing Kilimanjaro this weekend 🙂

Here are some pics of my adventures so far.  If you have any questions about my trips (or my studly shoes) please send me a message.


That’s it for now.  We are entering adventure season, which means I am sure I will be updating the blog soon with entertaining tales of what to not do in the backcountry 🙂


Happy Trails!


#ShirtlessFebruary – The Finale!

I am happy to report that more guys got into the shirtless action after my last post.  Good job boys, the ladies had been kicking your ass!

I’m also happy to say that I will not be promoting/participating in #pantlessMarch . However, if you feel the need to run down a mountain sans pants that’s cool too. I’ll only judge you a little.  My mom once saw a guy running down Moose Mountain in only his runners.  Apparently he didn’t have any tan lines.

But I digress …

Here is a compilation celebration of #shirtlessFebruary part II!  Is it summer yet???