Something crazy happened today – I ran fast and it felt good.


Those who know me know that I hate running hard.

When I run hard I see spots, get dizzy, have unrelenting coughing fits and I get the shits.  Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?


I prefer to just run at a steady pace, and to keep running all day.  The effort stays at a conversational level and I enjoy the scenery.


I know that if my steady pace was faster, I could travel more distance during a run and see more cool places – this is my motivator for getting faster.  Every 4 days I sprinkle in a few intervals of hard running. Knowing that I only have to run fast once or twice a week keeps me happy.


I’m not sure what happened today.  Maybe it was all the heavy weight training paying off, or maybe it’s the little bits of “fast” running I’ve been doing, but something was different.  The workout plan was as follows:

10 min warm up,

3 min hard,

4 min hard,

5 min hard,

4 min hard,

3 min hard;

all with 3 min jog recoveries.


During the hard intervals I felt like I was sprinting.  I told myself that I needed to slow down or else I would burn up in the first minute, but that never happened.  I never slowed down and I never found the wall.  It was strange and exhilerating.


It almost makes me want to try running fast again.  Almost.


Happy Trails!



In other news, I will be backcountry skiing this weekend with my brother.  Happy Dance!!!





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