Monthly Archives: November 2015


Today I am thankful for healthcare. Two weeks ago I had a gaping hole in my knee, exposing tendon and bone. With the help of a skilled doctor and some magic sutures, my skin has reconnected.

Tomorrow I get my sutures out. I will be bringing my running gear to the doctor’s office. My legs are twitching.

Happy Trails!

I’m looking forward to being able to stretch my quads again 🙂




My Facebook feed exploded with photos of snowy mountains this morning. No snow reached the city but we did have a refreshing rain shower and the air was crisp with a bit of bite. Winter is definitely on its way.

Today I am a thankful for seasons. Each season brings with it new possibilities and exciting new adventures. Spring brings long days, a welcome reprieve from the cold, and excitement as new trails start to open up. Summer is the season of wild flowers, camping and epic long runs. Autumn is filled with spectacular sunsets, brilliant yellow larches, and heart pounding scrambles.

This year I’m particularly excited for winter. There is nothing more beautiful than snowy mountains on a bluebird day, but I also love my evening runs in the dark. Just me and my headlamp, the sound of the snow crunching under my feet. Winter running is meditative. I rarely see another soul to interrupt my reverie.

Happy Trails!

A snowy winter wonderland