Monthly Archives: October 2015


Today I am thankful for candy and beer. Because it’s delicious.

Happy Halloween!

A Timely Message

As Tuesday inches closer I find myself obsessing over getting these f$);@ng stitches out. It’s increasingly difficult to stay in the present.

Today I am thankful for podcasts. I was listening to a TED Talks today in which the speaker emphasized the importance of mindfulness. We are happiest when we are focused on the present task, and we struggle when we let our minds wander. It was a timely message.

Knee update – I added some light hopping and balance work into my weight routine today. I felt surprisingly stable. Everything is feeling really good.

Happy Trails!

Gratuitous cat pic. Because somebody said it was international Cat Day



The left side of my knee has been numb since the fall. I did some superficial nerve damage and the doctor was unsure if I’d ever regain feeling to the area. I wasn’t too worked up about it, but nerve damage is always a little disconcerting. It feels wrong to not feel anything.

This afternoon I began to get sharp pains in the side of my knee, like being pricked with a large pin. I guess that means I’m getting feeling back πŸ™‚

Today I’m thankful for sensation. Because feeling nothing is just weird.

Happy trails!


Mountain lounging, my favourite way to spend the day. 6 more days …



Great day today! My knee is feeling so good that I’m almost forgetting I have an injury. The range of motion continues to improve with no feeling of any pain around the cut. I can’t wait to get out next week!

Today I am thankful for my dog Moxie. It was cold out this morning, and without the need to fit in a morning run it was tempting to just stay inside all day. Thankfully Moxie doesn’t feel the cold so she gave me That Look, and I knew that I needed to take her out for a good walk. The sun rose as we walked; my energy was rejuvenated. It was almost better than coffee! Thanks Moxie πŸ™‚

Happy Trails!



Work Isn’t All Bad

Today I am thankful for my job. I have a boss who recognizes me as a valuable employee and who pushes me just enough beyond my comfort zone so that I continue to grow. I have a flexible schedule and good relationships with my co-workers. I gain job satisfaction from knowing that the hour people spend in the gym is often the best hour of their day. People who come to the gym are working to improve themselves; to be the best person they can be. Spending time with these people everyday gives me a very positive outlook on life and the human race. 

Injury update – the range of motion in my knee is still quite limited. After talking with some friends who have much more experience with this kind of injury than I do, I decided to wait until the stitches are out before running. I did do a few leg exercises in the gym today and they felt great!
Happy Trails!

Moxie and I are dreaming of getting back out there. One more week!

Day 6 – The Garage

I woke up this morning and discovered we were out of coffee. That meant I had to make a morning trip to the grocery store. There was a thick layer of frost on the grass as I walked across the yard to the garage. This is when it hit me; I don’t have to scrape frost off the car windshield anymore! This will be our first winter with a garage, and for that I am very grateful πŸ™‚

Knee update – the wound is looking very good. My doctor was an excellent seamstress. I’m looking forward to trying an easy road run tomorrow πŸ™‚

Happy Trails!

No redness, no oozing. Looking good!