Monthly Archives: September 2015


I pulled out of the Rut 25km a few days after Fat Dog.  My ankle was ugly and I didn’t want to pressure myself and extend the injury.  I felt a huge sense of relief after sending in my withdrawal and I turned my attention to active recovery.

 Easy 3km jog to the Tibetan shrine with Matt, Aug 20.  I was so happy to be running, albeit slowly.
Casual 2hr hike up Porcupine Ridge with Moxie, Aug 23rd. I was very excited to be able to walk up/down the steep slope without pain.
Then came the moment of truth; I went to see my chiro to get my ankle diagnosed/assessed.  I was walking fine, but I still had some swelling and my range of motion was limited.  I was nervous.

The verdict? Ankle sprain due to the repetitive downhill, off-camber running and a resultant muscle strain as the  muscles worked to support the ankle when the ligament wouldn’t.  My chiro was able to get my strained muscle to relax, which allowed me to regain full ROM in my ankle.  I left the clinic feeling like I’d been given a new foot.  The best part was that he also gave me the okay to go for a big mountain scramble on Friday!  

Fast forward to Friday …

The air was extremely smokey from the forest fires in Washington, but we were not going to kept indoors. My friend Jamie and I headed out to scramble a couple of peaks in the Spray Valley; Cegnfs and Mt Murray.  It was a new route for both of us but thanks to Jamie’s fancy watch navigation was a breeze.  The route consisted of a short jog on established trail, some bushwhacking, and a whole lot of scree.  My ankle cooperated all day 🙂


At the trail head, an eerie start to the day


Beautiful fall colours, the pictures don’t do it justice


Mt Murray , as seen from the ascent route on Cegnf


Mt Burstall in the background


A rare glimpse of the sun through the haze. Gives good perspective for how steep the ascent was


Mt Murray, our objective. It looked daunting


Behind Mt Murray is a glimpse of Mt French. A future objective


Cegnf selfie. One other party in the summit register for 2015.


Onward across the ridge and around the summit block


More steep scree-bashing


Mt Murray summit selfie


Summit of Mt Murray, aka Outer Space

15km, 4400ft of elevation gain, and I achieved my goal of reaching Outer Space!!