Go Time

Coming up this Saturday at the Sinister 7:

100 miles

Over 18 000ft of climb

Mud like you’ve never experienced anywhere else:

  • Last time I ran on this course, I got stuck and needed someone to help pull me out.
  • A relay runner literally lost his shoe and finished his leg with a sock foot.
  • Last year, a friend of mine got trench foot from running in wet feet for so long.  Serious mud.

Heat.  I’m really hoping that the forecast is lying or it changes.  As of right now, Environment Canada is calling for 27*C and showers.  The showers should feel nice, except that they will probably be violent thunderstorms with torrential downpours.  Because this course really needs more mud.

So why am I subjecting myself to this torture?

Because deep down I believe that I could be really good at this stuff.  I believe that if I can toughen up my mind, my legs can run/hike forever.  I feel a deep need to justify this belief.

Also, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit this, but I want to prove to others that I’m good at this stuff.  My race results don’t reflect what I believe my ability is.

There are other reasons too, but those are my main drivers.

What are my goals?

This race needs to be process oriented or else I will fail.   If I stick to the process I will run my best race possible, and hopefully justify my belief in myself.  

My process oriented goals:

  • Eat 200+ calories/hr.  Early in the race this will mean eating a gel every 30minutes, later in the race I’m sure this will include a lot more solid food.
  • Drink 600ml+/hr.  I’m certain that if I can stick to this goal my stomach will cooperate.  I don’t know why drinking is so hard for me.
  • Take a salt pill every 45-60min.  This one should be easy.
  • Run when I can.
  • Deal with problems immediately when they arise.
  • Respect the heat; ice at aid stations, soak in streams, slow down, eat slowly.  Repeat.
  • Respect the mud; avoid blisters by changing shoes/socks when needed.  Use Body Glide.

I’m competitive so of course I have performance goals, but they are secondary:

  • Finish
  • Sub-24
  • Top 3 lady


Happy Trails!


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