Why Haven’t I Done This Before??

One of my favourite things about training for mountain ultras is planning my long training runs.  Here in the Alberta Rockies the route possibilities are endless so it can be tough to narrow down the options.  When I came up with Saturday’s route I was very excited!  The route was so good, that I am kind of surprised that I had never thought of doing it before.

So where did we run?  We began our adventure at the Upper Kananaskis Lakes parking lot.    From there it was a very short jog before we began our ascent up Mt Indefatigable (8km round trip, 900m ascent).  I had never been up this trail before, but I had been assured it was beautiful.  The trail did not disappoint.  We followed that up with a short bushwhack to Hidden Lake and a jog around Upper Kananaskis Lake.  Both of us were looking to get more climbing in so we added a side trip up to Rawson Lake and The Lookout.  40km, 2000m of gain and 7hrs (including stoppage time).


















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