Countdown to Sinister 7

 There are three big weekends of training left before Sinister 7. I have so many big runs that I want to do and I can’t fit them all in! Summer in Kananaskis is the best and the worst – the best because there are so many amazing places to run, and the worst for the exact same reason.

I took a vacation day on Wednesday specifically to fit in a route that I’ve been wanting to do since I first read about it on Jamie’s blog ( back in January. The route was essentially a ridge walk with 6 peaks that you summit along the way. Six peaks and a long ridge walk?! I was immediately enthralled.

I won’t bore you to death with the details, but the hike was pretty freaking awesome. We tagged 6 peaks (Midnight, Midday, Sunrise, Sunset, Belmore Browne and Tiara) before returning back to the car via Porcupine Ridge. The route made a giant “U” shape with minimal out and backs and perpetual views. As far as I know, nobody has previously done this route with the Porcupine Ridge return. Porcupine Ridge is the most direct way back and it is super fun to scramble along. I highly recommend it.

The trip took 9.5hrs with 2300-2400m of gain in 26km.

A quick note on the water – there are no water sources on this route. You can do the route in June because there are still snow drifts, but they were drying up fast. If you decide to give it a try in July-October you’ll need to pack it all in. I drank about 2.5-3L of water and didn’t go pee once.  I think I’m a camel 🙂









My legs were tired on Thursday, so I went for an easy jog around Jumpingpound Loop to loosen them up. By the time I finished the loop I was feeling pretty good, and already looking forward to a long run on Saturday. Active recovery is amazing!
Happy trails!


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