A Little Bit of Mountain Gluttony

Wait a second. You can’t have a “little bit” of gluttony.  I guess what I mean is that it could be worse.

The weather in Calgary has been hot and the mountains of the Front Ranges are snow-free.  I know that I need to take the time to recover from Blackfoot if I want to be properly prepared for Sinister 7, but it’s really hard to resist the mountains’ call.  I’ve reached what I feel to be a reasonable compromise by going for several hikes at a very relaxed pace. 

On Thursday I went for a hike up Wasootch Peak with mom.  It felt amazing to be back on the trail and in the mountains.   We got caught in a bit of a downpour while we were hiking up through the trees, but the storm blew off and we were treated to beautiful sunshine on the final scramble up to the summit.  7km, 910m elevation gain.


Hanging out on my 6th unique summit of the year. 

On Friday I went out for a hike with Jaime, Keegan and Devin.  Those guys are fast so I was worried the hike would turn into a more intense workout, but we successfully kept it super chill.  None of them had been up Forgetmenot before so I was happy to act as tour guide.  Sorry no pics, I was slacking.  10km, 700m elevation gain.

I finally went for my first trail run on Saturday.  Steph wanted to check out the Powderface Marathon trail so I showed her up the trail to Powderface saddle.  We were both struggling a bit with dead legs so we kept the pace easy.  It felt great to get a bit of a sweat going and it was fantastic to catch up with Steph.

Sunday’s activities included a hike up Moose Mountain with Deb, Jason and Matt.  This was Deb’s first time up a mountain and Matt’s first time up Moose!  We left Moxie at home because it was smoking hot.


That’s where we were headed 


Group pic with our destination in the background

Matt and I hanging out on the summit


I was super stoked to see a few marmots and a couple of pikas hanging out at the summit.  This guy was my favourite 🙂
On Tuesday I start training for Sinister 7.  I’m looking forward to 3 weeks mountain fun!
Happy Trails!


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