Time to Resurrect the Blog?

I think it’s time to try this blogging thing again.

I doubt I have any readers on this blog, but just in case I do, and you’re wondering, yes, I did succeed on the 25 summit project last year. How’s that for an awkward sentence?  I had so much fun that I am doing it again this year, with another 25 unique summits. How many years until I run out of mountains?? I don’t think I’ll ever run out, but it’s fun to try 🙂

Here is my summit list from last year:

1) Powderface Summit – January 5th and extremely cold


2) Prairie Mountain – 4x up and down with a fantastic group of friends


3) Sulphur Mountain and


4) Tunnel Mountain – the double!

Boo!! I can’t find the photo. I swear I was there!

5) High Dome Mountain – my first California summit!

high dome

6) Gleason Ridge – a May long weekend adventure!


7) Moose Mountain – a regular staple for me


8) Mount Allan – a double summit day and our Canada Day tradition


9) Mist Ridge – a very rough day. The scenery was beautiful but I felt like hell.


10) Heart Mountain – I took my friend Del on her first Canadian scramble!


11) Mount Rae – a scramble up the highest peak in the Front Ranges!


12) Mount Baldy – a delayed birthday celebration


13) Tent Ridge – stunning!!

tent ridge

14) Forget-me-not Ridge – a quick solo jaunt after work. Why don’t I run up here more often?


15) Pocaterra Ridge – a bucket list run completed after a freak snowstorm. It did not disappoint.


16) Wasootch Ridge – a very fun route!


17) Mt Revelstoke – a short detour from the beautiful Jade Lakes.


18) Windtower – a very fun hike despite the dense cloud.


19) Porcupine Ridge – I was surprised to find that this was more of a route than a trail. The views more than made up for the navigating issues.


20) St Mark’s Summit – Part 1 of a north shore adventure


21) Unnecessary Ridge – The second summit of my north shore adventure, and the best mountain name ever!

unnecessary ridge

22) St James Summit – Too much rain for a photo, and deep into my north shore adventure.  I was in a hurry to get down.

23) Pigeon Mountain – Nothing like watching the sunset from a mountain summit.

I had a pic, but I’ve lost it.  You’ll just have to believe me that it was a beautiful evening.

24) Banded Peak – This one has been on my list of peaks to do for a very long time

banded peak

25) Cox Hill – Oldy but a goody 🙂

So far this year I think I’m at 5 … but that’s for a separate blog post.  Happy Trails!


2 thoughts on “Time to Resurrect the Blog?

  1. delmsalt

    I love reading your blog, so please keep posting when you can! The pictures are amazing and your adventures look awesome. Good luck with your quest for this year – look forward to hearing all about it as you go along. Have fun 🙂


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