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Summit Numero Uno

January is a special month where we all take the time to step back and set positive goals for ourselves. Yes, many people never achieve these goals, but most people set them. The key with goals is that they need to have personal value to you, they need to be attainable, and you need to have an action plan. With these guiding principles in mind I hmmmed and haaaaed for a few days before coming up with a valuable, attainable, action oriented goal. Drum roll please ……

Summit 25 different mountains in 2014.

Where is the value in this goal?
1. It will push me out of my comfort zone. I often find myself repeating the same hikes over and over again.
2. Most summit hikes are very short. This will push me to get out on weekdays, saving me the weekends for long runs along more moderate trails over mountain passes and around lakes.
3. Every time I reach a mountain summit I am so grateful for my life and health. It helps me to keep my life in perspective.

Is this goal attainable?
1. I wrote out a list of possible mountain summits I could do close to home. This is a very attainable goal, I’m actually wondering if the bar is too low 🙂

Action oriented? Yes.

The goal is already working it’s magic. On January 5th I went out and bagged my first summit of 2014 – Powderface Ridge. I had not been up there for over a year so I was well overdue.

The temperature was -28C and the trail was covered by a thick layer of fresh snow after the first couple of kilometers. It was hardly ideal conditions but Moxie and I forged on. We were rewarded with SPECTACULAR VIEWS on the ridge. There is nothing like the solitude of a mountain summit on a cold winter day. I sat on a rock and soaked it all in as a reflected on all I had to be thankful for in life: health, fitness, family, freedom, love. I am truly blessed.







Happy New Years!