Winter is here but I’m still having fun :)

Thursday Nov 28 – start of the holiday run streak!

I got my cyst drained on my knee. The doctor was hoping that maybe it would stay drained, but it’s already coming back so I need to make a second appointment. The next step is to inject cortisone after draining the cyst, this will hopefully cause it to shrivel up and disappear for good. Hopefully I can get an appointment in January so it doesn’t interfere with training for Gorge Waterfalls 100km too much.

Thursday evening was American Thanksgiving at a friend’s place. An aquaintence of ours was there and he told us the most fantastic story. He is an avid hot air ballooner. He balloons in all weather and competes around the world. Last February he went up in an older balloon with 3 other friends for a flight in Kananaskis. There were some wind gusts and the balloon ripped, they were 5000ft above the ground and it was all they could do to keep the balloon upright as it plummeted towards the ground. Miraculously all 4 men survived the fall without injury as the balloon got caught up in some trees. Some other friends were in a separate balloon and videoed the fall once they realized there was nothing they could do to help. It’s an incredible video. Anyway, it was interesting hearing how our friend’s take on life had changed since his near death experience. He stopped worrying and started doing – he views the accident as a type of gift.

The balloon story got me thinking – if I knew my death was imminent would I do anything differently? I’m not sure that I would. I feel like I’m already getting as much out of life as I can. Every year has new experiences, new goals, new limits. I feel like I am constantly learning, that I am constantly working towards something better. Maybe with more thought, I’ll come up with some more profound insights …

Friday Nov 29

Not too much excitement on Friday. I went for a hard treadmill run and I ate some fantastic Greek food with my siblings. It’s so hard to decide what to eat at a Greek restaurant, because I like everything!

Saturday Nov 30

Wasootch! This hike started out a little bleak with a forecast for possible showers and a cloudy sky, but it cleared up, the sun came out and it was beautiful!

Sunday Dec 1

I was supposed to hike up Mount Fairview with a friend, but a combination of terrible road conditions and a sleepy running partner meant that I was on my own. Moxie and I went for a wonderful, albeit icy loop on the West Bragg trails. I ran all of the uphills which is a challenge for me as I will admit I’m not very good at this thing called continuous running 🙂

Today there is a full on blizzard outside but Moxie and I still made it out for a mile in the snow. It was much more fun than I thought it would be. I think this winter thing may be growing on me 🙂







Mountain photos are Wasootch. Trail photos are West Bragg – Baruch’s Corner.

Happy trails!


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